How Do I Meet People?

Our church is not intended to be an audience, but an active group of people who love the Lord and seek to obey him in his calling on our lives to serve him. Each one of us is unique as God has designed so we serve in whatever capacity, small or large, within the church community and outside as a body and as individuals where God has planted us in our work and community service.  We are working toward becoming a team both in the local church and this online outreach.
You can meet people online in a way that you could not before because of technology, which most young people and others have been making use ior a long time. This is the time when all need to adapt to this way of keeping in touch and showing our love and care for those with internet access. 
Although local churches have various labels, you and others no doubt come from a varied  background lending a richness and diversity to our online fellowship giving it a  broader perspective but all biblical. That is why we need you to add to that richness and you need us to have a sense of belonging to something at a time when “social distancing” is a watchword. 
We welcome testimonies of faith on this website that will encourage us all in our faith! Truly in such a time as this, we need each other more than ever.  The news shifts on an hourly basis for all the new measures the country and states are taking to minimize the spread of the virulent Covid-19.  This is a time thankfully when things are opening up and we can meet in person again! Yay God!
If you are a team player, you’re in the right place. As a team joining hands across the globe we can do miracles to reach all with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truly he is the Good News himself in the age we are living in with all its struggles and griefs. He is our joy, which is our strength to endure and to overcome.
Small Group Ministry
We strongly favor small group formation and are eager to assist leadership of them to ensure proper functioning and spiritual growth, the main goal. Much closeness and true biblical koinonia (fellowship) becomes possible and transparency and accountability result.
This online alternative church grouping enables such small groups as a subset of this website if you don’t have a local church or are not a member of the local church or even if you are and just want to diversify your fellowshipping.