Better Together

Being alone or away from the people you have known and love creates a lot of anxiety about the uncertainty of the future. That’s when we so need to be together somehow. The wonderful innovations of technology give us God-given means to maintain the closeness through a website like this. In the Book of Hebrews it says “Forsake not the gathering together of the brethren even as the Day approaches.”  This is one way that can happen when many people, adults and children have to stay home. Many have to stay home alone.
Surely God is ;present in us and around us for sure. He said he would never leave us nor forsake us. Certainly he would not abandon in such dire need as now. He has led us to as quickly as possible put up this website to bolster our faith and to give is the comfort and solace of having contact with others in the same boat all over the globe! This is an emergency situation for us as much as all the things the government are others are doing. When many of us have been used to gathering together and catching up at our church services and other events, the atmosphere of togetherness poses an empty feeling for many who depend on that as a lifeline.
Many schools have adjusted to the time with online classroom instruction or home schooling. Now we of the church can do the same and usher in a new era of the church giving is a new face, a new way of talking, and new way of walking. Equivalent to the past? No, but different! Change won’t hurt and indeed helps give us a proper perspective on our lives and rearranging priorities.